Summer 2013: Robots, Day 2

Photo Jul 18, 3 50 51 PMPhoto Jul 18, 4 05 34 PMPhoto Jul 18, 4 09 10 PM

We had an eager crew of scientists ready to dive into the second day of our 3-part robotics series with the Cheshire High School Mecha Rams. Our activities were led by Jeff Goodin, who was joined today by Sue Coco as well as seven outstanding Cheshire High teens:  Bella Guo, Nick Tracey, Dimitri Tracey, Evan Langelis, Joe Goncalves, CJ Caron, and Michael DeFrancesco. Last week, our G3 crew was introduced to robots and got a brief sampling of how the LEGO robotics kits worked.

In Day 2 of our series, the goal was getting some serious hands-on experience with the robots – everything from editing and downloading programs, to measuring results and problem-solving when things didn’t go quite as expected. There were several stations set up around our program room, with teens at each station ready to mentor our groups of G3 scientists. Our scientists got to program robots outfitted with infrared, sound, and touch sensors!

There was also a very special station in the room that required our scientists to use a lot of creativity. At the start of the day, Jeff and Sue had divided our scientists into teams (Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow). These same teams will be competing through a series of challenges in our final day of the series…so of course they needed to come up with a team name! Here are the teams that will be competing next week in the final day of our robot series:

  • Yellow = TEAM BOB

Also, the culture of robot competitions (at least at the high school level) includes a deep love of buttons to wear on your shirts and jackets. The Mecha Rams brought along their very own button making machine, and members of each team were given the opportunity to design and press their own button to wear next week during the competition. Here is a sampling of some of the awesome buttons designed by our scientists…

Photo Jul 18, 4 22 57 PM Photo Jul 18, 4 22 31 PM Photo Jul 18, 4 20 28 PM Photo Jul 18, 4 20 06 PM Photo Jul 18, 4 19 48 PM

Check out some of the intense and focused work our scientists were doing throughout the day via the video playlist below…

Next week is the final day of our robots series, and I can’t wait to see how the competition unfolds! Don’t forget to wear your buttons, G3 crew 🙂

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